A True Model Home is the Best Selling Strategy

‘Transforming Houses for Sale into Homes that Sell’

Some people don’t fully understand what home staging means. When they go to sell their homes, they forget to take out their own personality and step back for a moment to see the true potential of the property. When selling a vacant home sellers don’t fully understand the lack of emotion and the complex problems buyers have visualizing themselves in the home.

Home staging should make the property attractive to many different types of prospective buyers. Personal belongings and decorating style detract from this. Potential buyers will judge your home based on the décor and if they don’t like your personal style, you may have lost a potential buyer. Also 90% of buyers can’t visualize empty spaces so a seller with an empty home experiences an empty file of offers.

The True Model Home works by designing the interior of the home with new furnishings, artwork and accessories which combined will truly represent the ultimate model home environment. The idea is to take out the personality of the previous residents and bring out the best features of the home itself.

As an added bonus to the True Model Home, potential buyers may purchase the furnishings individually or turnkey from our True Model Home at prices 40% to 60% below retail. This means they even have the opportunity to buy the home and all the beautiful model furniture that’s in it when they see it.

The ability for home buyers to purchase the model home furnishings provides sellers a unique advantage over other homes for sale. There are also affordable payment options available, making it easier for more home buyers to take advantage of it.

As an additional option, there is the True Model Home with Advertising which is our most popular option.

What True Model Home plus Advertising offers:

  • Designing the interior with new furnishings, artwork and accessories that truly represent the ultimate model home environment.
  • We combine our model home environment with our matchless marketing strategies designed to increase the number of showings at the home. The result is a powerful momentum that creates urgency and an absolute desire for YOUR home.
  • 70.5% of our True Model Homes have sold during our exclusive events as a result of RMR’s unique marketing and advertising strategy.

Because we understand that showings = contracts, this program stands out as our most successful and result driven home staging service. It’s easy to see why this unique service created by RMR is one of the most effective vacant property marketing techniques.

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