Buyers are begging Sellers to ‘Show them the money’

Times have definitely changed.  Long gone are the days when sticking a sign in the yard manifested a quick sale.  All you had to do was think about selling your home and a full price offer would slide in from under the front door.  Back then a staged home had a significant impact on the price the home sold for.  In fact, a staged home almost always assured a seller the top selling price recorded at the time, not to mention record speed.

Today a home seller in the market place is trying not to lose his shorts while waiting and waiting and waiting for someone, please anyone, to make an offer.  Month after month not even one showing.  With each passing day sellers ask themselves ‘will it ever sell’ or ‘do I lower my price’?  Why?  Sellers think that by lowering the price they just might get someone to walk through the front door.

It’s frustrating for everyone, even home buyers!!

When buyers walk through yet another front door they’re overwhelmed by all the homes they’ve been looking at.  They’re begging to see that one home that will blow them away.  After all, how many homes can they possible see when the sea of homes is enormous?  Plenty, that’s how many.  Confused, tired and memory overload are the usual signs of a home buyer today.  Just imagine how grateful you would be if you could finally end your search with a home that speaks to you in such a way there becomes no reason to keep looking.

If you want to have a ‘sold’ home in today’s market you need to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes.  Realize that doing everything, and I mean absolutely everything to sell your home, is a necessary requirement if you expect to get results.  They want the best.  After all it’s a buyers market and they should have it.  When your home sells you may just be a buyer too!  So here’s what their looking for…..PERFECTION!

That’s right all buyers want perfection these days and here’s how you give it to them……

Make sure your priced right.  Lowering the price on a unprepared home won’t get you a sale you’ll be happy with.  Having a well priced perfectly staged and maintained home will.

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