Home Staging Benefits 3 Types of Sellers

Who needs home staging? These days every seller does especially if you consider the return on investment. Recent surveys indicate that even in a poor economy home staging is still providing a 150 to 191 percent return on investment according to HomeGain.com.

I believe there are three basic types of sellers and each one can benefit from home staging in their own way.

3 Types of Sellers:

  1. A Home Seller who lives in their property.
    These sellers need help de-cluttering and de-personalizing their home.  Most of us have way too much stuff purchased over the years.   A lot of this information can be found on the web as almost every home stager only deals with this type of seller.
  2. A Home Renovator.
    Most renovators do their work based on one of two determinations: what’s in their pocketbook or what ‘they’ think a buyer would like.  In either case they do themselves a great injustice when applying this thought process. Renovators should seek professional advice but almost always don’t because the cost may be out of their budget or they believe the products they will use are good enough.  Renovating with products and finishes buyer trends indicate are desirable will save money in the long run with less time on the market. You also save the cost of ripping something out to replace it with the right materials after buyer views of the home indicate they don’t like what they see.
  3. A seller who is transferred out of town or a builder of new construction selling vacant homes.
    These sellers are the most vulnerable as vacant spaces evoke vacant emotions.  Since a home purchase is mostly based on emotion, you can see what a challenge this must be.  Empty spaces do not tell a buyer how to use the space as 90% of buyers can not visual the room.  Beautiful furnishings that describe the functionality of each room will create the emotional appeal necessary to put ink to paper with an offer every seller will be pleased with.

Each of these three types of sellers can benefit from home staging. If you want a higher return on your home investment and you desire your home to sell fast, you need to find a professional home staging service and employ their help for your return on investment.

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