Home Staging for Realtors

Atlanta’s Realtors Benefit from Home Staging

Home Staging has many features and benefits to offer Realtors. Many Realtors today realize the importance of recommending Home Staging services to their clients yet there are some who still don’t. This could be because they don’t fully understand what a Home Stager really does, they feel they already provide adequate advice to their clients or they are afraid they will have to pay for the services of a Home Stager. These are some of the main factors that hold some Realtors back from recommending Home Staging to their clients.

It’s important to understand that Home Stagers will look at the client’s home with an objective eye, with no emotions involved. Having a third party advise a seller will go a long way in helping a Realtor. Home Stagers will provide advise early in the sales process and be able to make recommendations that create the best possible first impression for buyers when the home goes on the market. The first 30 days a home is placed on the market it receives the most buyers views therefore home staging plays a key role in increasing the possibility of sale when by the home is prepared before it goes to market.

Statistics have shown time and time again that Home Staging decreases the time in which homes are sold as well as increasing the sale price sellers receive for these homes. Another Realtor benefit is the reflection these results have on their business.

Although sellers employ our Home Staging services, the Realtor is undoubtedly the driving force behind our organization.  RMR’s promise to Realtors is to foster a team effort by helping sell listings with creative and result driven marketing strategies.  Along the way, we hope to add value to your services and your overall business model.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Strengthen listing presentations with our value add home staging and marketing strategies that work
  • Sell properties for a higher price—in less time
  • Receive higher commissions through increased sales price
  • Enjoy your earnings sooner by selling in less time
  • Lesson the risk of listing expirations and increase retention rate
  • Provide trusted services to your clients by a credible and established company whose mission is to ‘Transform Houses for Sale into Homes that Sell’

Home Staging services help you free time to focus on what you do best. The benefits of Home Staging for Realtors are many and a Realtor who takes advantage of a Home Staging service is undoubtedly a step ahead of those who do not.

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