RMR Home Management Program

RMR Home Management Program

Another very effective home staging program offered by RMR Atlanta Home Staging is the Home Management Program. Home Management provides a multitude of financial benefits to sellers at an amazingly affordable price- FREE!

What does the Home Management Program give you as a seller?

  • Sellers save thousands of dollars in home staging expenses with the benefit of utilizing an RMR Professional House Sitter (also called Home Manager) and their beautiful furnishings.
  • The House Sitter pays utilities and maintains the home in superior, model like condition for showings 7 days a week.
  • The House Sitter presence will protect the property giving burglars a good reason to look elsewhere and sellers receive the benefit of reduced stress about the vulnerability of their home.
  • Sellers benefit from reduced insurance rates.
  • Sellers save cleaning expenses for the interior of the home.
  • Sellers can expect to reduce monthly mortgage payments and other carrying costs as staged homes better connect emotionally with home buyers selling up to 30% faster.
  • Sellers can be confident a staged home captures a home buyer’s appreciation better compared to a vacant home therefore selling for more money.

Home management goes hand in hand with home staging but is different in that is goes beyond the initial set up of staging the home for sale.

Home management provides sellers protection and care for the vacant home for sale. Burglary and vandalism are increased by a slowed economy costing sellers money at a time they are mostly trying to reduce expenses. Utilities are often turned down or off by sellers who do not live in the home for sale leaving it uncomfortable for buyers to linger long enough to see the homes potential A professional house sitter will protect the home while paying utilities and are required to leave the home in absolute show condition each day.

RMR Home Staging is dedicated to serving you, which is why we offer programs such as this. Every RMR Professional House Sitter must have appropriate quality furnishings, be non-smokers, and have no pets, a clean criminal background, a responsible lifestyle and excellent character references ensuring each seller peace of mind.

Once qualified, RMR’s Professional House Sitters enjoy our one of a kind financial incentive strategy creating real motivation to help sell your home exclusively through RMR.

All and all home management is a great alternative to the traditional paid for home staging service as it goes a long way in helping sellers achieve their goal of a quick sale for the most money while keeping their homes safe and cared for.

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