Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

Home Staging is one of the most important things a seller can ever do to help sell a home. The word is out about how important Home Staging is but many sellers often don’t know how to do it properly. While it’s important to seek the services of a professional Home Stager here are some Home Staging tips to keep in mind:

  • Depersonalize- you must remove any personal décor or style from the home. This can turn off potential buyers that don’t enjoy your style. Instead, you want to work with neutral décor that is devoid of a personal taste and will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.
  • De-clutter- When a family lives in a home, they move in their personal belongings which give the home that “lived-in” feel. When Home Staging you need to be as clutter free as possible. You want the potential buyer to feel like they can live there and not you.
  • Make sure each room has a purpose. Often when a family has lived in a home, they find a better use for a room turning it into something it’s not. When Staging your home each room should have an individual purpose that is designed to meet the homes attributes.
  • Crank up your curb appeal- We hear this phrase a lot but it’s one of the most important things you can do. A home needs to look appealing enough from the street to invite a home buyer in the front door for a closer look. So your lawn and your front door need to be inviting.
  • Add complementary accessories- While removing the clutter is very important; you don’t want an empty room either. Accessories that complement the furniture and the architectural elements of a home are essential to catch the buyers eye and even guide their eye to an all important home feature.
  • Fill empty spaces with furniture that is new or in great condition- Old, used or worn furniture will detract from the home leaving the space feeling tired and old. This reflects immediately on the condition of the home from the buyer’s point of view leaving emotions at a low level of excitement.

With these tips, you can see how important Home Staging is and the role it plays in a higher sales price and the quick sale of your home. Staging your home yourself is possible with proper DIY instruction but be sure to follow the instruction to the letter to complete a professional job or you risk convincing potential buyers, which ultimately costs money and opportunity for every seller.

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