Dear realtor, sellers aren’t watching your back!

In today’s world of ‘free’ information it’s important for realtors to realize that sellers are watching, not their back, but them.  

I’m certainly not an advocate of hype and hysteria nor is my intention to promote it.  Rather, I think it’s important to help my realtor friends and colleagues with valuable information that can help them along their career path.


Everyone is looking online these days, sellers and buyers.

Everyone is looking online these days, sellers and buyers.


Sellers are more involved in the process of selling their home in today’s market so they naturally spend more time wondering why their house isn’t selling or just trying to stay on top of this important transaction.  They’re searching the Internet to compare their home verses the competition and while there, they’re also noticing how their home appears to a prospective buyer.  They want to know if their representation is getting the job done.  


For more information about this important survey and other questions asked sellers/buyers go to the 2008 Survey of California Home Sellers (released July 2008) link below.  I’m thinking it might be of great interest to my colleagues.


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