Sellers save money turning down thermostats. I say ‘NOT!!!’

How many sellers would love to be a fly on the wall listening to the conversation between a professional realtor and their buyers when walking through a home for sale.  That’s a good question, yet I think those who would love to sell their home would desire the opportunity to ‘really’ know what’s going on in that moment.  Here’s an conversation a seller should hear and especially those who think they’re saving money by turning down their thermostat while the home is on the market.

Buyer-WOW! It’s cold in here, I can even see my breath!

Realtor-I know, let me turn the thermostat up so when can get some heat.

Buyer-Oh don’t bother with that.  We can’t stay long enough to feel it’s effect.  In fact, let’s move onto the next house where we can stay warm.

It’s as simple as that.  Buyers will never linger in your home long enough to fall in love and purchase it.  Think of how expensive the decision to save on your electric or gas bill might be for you.  Monthly mortgage, taxes and insurance are almost always higher then your utility bill so keep this in mind.  Please keep you home as comfortable as you would for your mother.  Mother and buyer are equal when it comes to a comfortable visit.

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