Selling your Home is like a Job Interview

Think of selling your home like applying for a job.

Usually if your resume looks good enough you’re brought in for your first interview to meet the boss. At this appointment you’re spiffied up in your professional best and your wearing your biggest smile. You’ll present yourself in the best possible light in hopes of getting that all-important follow-up interview. You do this because you are aware the competition may be tough. All the while you’ll go to as many interviews as necessary in order to get the job!

Get the picture?

A home buyer is the boss interviewing your home to see if they will buy it. The only way your home can meet the boss is to have great photos of your home just like a resume’s snap shot of your experience with all of your qualifications or in this case the homes best features on display for the buyer to take notice and only then will a preview of your home occur.

When buyers come back for a second look of your home this is the all important second interview and it is more serious then the first as the buyer has eliminated homes they do not desire and yours shouldn’t be one of them if you staged your home. The idea is to keep them coming back for more previews as they narrow down their selection leaving your home last but certainly not least in their search. It is at this point that you get the job of selling your home to the buyer who for very good reasons ultimately picked your home as the winner.

It’s as simple as that.

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