Today’s World of Consumer Demands and Your Real Estate

Have you ever notice the buying experience a shopping mall provides consumers? Let’s take the gallery of a mall lined with storefronts who’s window dressing is the invitation to take a closer look. Each store competes with the other to lure the shopper into the store to get better acquainted with each department. If the shopper is convinced by the window dressing to take a walk inside they will see more of the same window dressing at the front of each department with mannequins dressed in the best the department has to offer. Of course the retailer is hoping that all of this marketing is enough to cause the register to ring and the consumer is happy to accommodate provided the retailer has done their job.

The exterior of your home or the curb appeal is the window dressing from the street just as the gallery of a mall is to the retailer. If your curb appeal is more appealing then your competition you’ll find a home buyer in your home before long. Once in your home your rooms are the departments in a store and they need to be attractive if you expect the buyer to linger and ponder over the purchase of your home. The more attractive you make each room the more likely you are to hear the cash register ring.

Retailers have understood the power of marketing for decades and today home staging is impacting our real estate world in a way unlike ever before. For the first time a niche industry is coming on strong to bring an otherwise outdated marketing concept in the real estate transaction up to date to meet consumer demands. This is especially good news for home sellers who while in need of selling their home are in more need of securing a price sold that will benefit their bottom line in the least amount of valuable time.

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