Two Types of Sellers

I want to ask you a question.  At first you may not like the question but it is an important one.  First let me say that there are two types of sellers, the first is someone who wants to sell their home and the other is someone who needs to sell their home.

The difference between wanting or needing to sell your home are miles and thousands of dollars and effort apart.  A person needing to sell their home will exert more effort toward the outcome then someone only wanting to.  Keep in mind if your someone who only wants to sell your home your competition may need to sell and guess who will ultimately secure the serious buyer who viewed both homes?

The question is, which one are you?  If you’re the seller who only wants to sell their home you’re probably not going to take seriously the advise this DVD (Book) offers however, if you’re the seller who needs to sell your home I suggest you get a note pad and pen out or your highlighter and let’s get started.

First selling your home is serious business.  The sale of real estate is a serious business and financial ‘transaction’ with very serious consequences.

Here is something for you to consider.  You once had to complete a financial balance sheet for your mortgage company or bank when you purchased your home.  There is something very interesting about your balance sheet.  Have you every noticed that your car, a depreciating asset is part of your balance sheet too.  Your home is an appreciating asset on the very same balance sheet.  What I find most interesting is people who are putting their car up for sale will spend 200 or sometimes 300 hundred dollars or more getting it shampooed, waxed, buffed, an engine cleaned, oiled, serviced and otherwise dolled up to prepare this depreciating asset for sale.  What is also apparent to me is so few people view their home the same way.  Often no investment is made getting it ready for market.  Whether you hire a staging company or you do it yourself with this DVD (Book) I suggest you take the same approach when selling your home as you do your car if you expect to sell it for top value.  Your net worth will thank you for it.

A sellers emotions are the number One Home Sale Killer

By now we’ve all heard that stress is the number one killer.  A sellers emotional attachment to their home is equally the number one reason the sale of the home is killed before the first showing.

I believe a possible reason people don’t view their homes as a product in need of merchandising or even the same way as a car for sale is a home has so much more emotional value attached to it.  After all, we have enjoyed many happy memories in our homes, raised our children, painted the dining room with our oldest daughter, and remember those back yard BBQ’s and Christmas’s with family and let’s not forget the day we brought the youngest of our children home from the hospital.  If you really consider what I’m saying you’ll understand that we have so many emotional experiences in our home that for some of us it’s difficult to separate ourselves from this amazing home.  This is why I want to help you understand from this day forward that a real estate transaction is a business transaction and now is the time to separate yourself for your home by taking your emotions out of the process.  If you don’t you will not have a successful outcome but if you do you will not only have a rewarding outcome, you’ll also get to enjoy it much sooner then you think.

Think about this for a moment.  If you bought and sold five homes in your lifetime (most Americans do) and you prepared each home before you went to market and received 25K more for each home, you would gross an additional 125K.  You’d net somewhere around 100K.  Not bad for just being a home owner uh? 

That brings me to a very important part of this dialog.  Staging does not cost you anything in the end.  Like it or not that’s the truth.  Personally I like it a lot.  There are numerous studies and survey’s featured in the DVD (Book) that indicate clearly the return on investment is for the most part yours for the taking provided you use common sense and did your homework when making the investment of staging your home for sale.  I can’t say the same for the automobile transaction as a blue book always determines it’s value and a homes value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay it.  What a buyer pays for your home is determined by perceived value.  That’s the beauty of real estate. Hopefully now your convinced your making an effort worth it’s weight in gold.

Expect to spend at least 1 to 3 percent of your list price to totally prepare and stage your home for sale.  The surveys presented here indicate a return of investment of up to 340%.  Even if you had to borrow the investment isn’t it worth it?

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