What if they never found your Junk Draw?

Imagine the buyer never finding your junk draw!  

While touring a home buyers will always pull open draws to feel the ease of the glide.  Haven’t you done this yourself?  The glide of a draw says a couple of things about the quality of the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The better the glide the better the quality so checking them is almost always the case with curious buyers, especially those who have gotten to the point that they like what they see so far and want to investigate more. That said, consider this…..

*It’s inevitable that while checking the glide of your draws buyers will see what’s inside them by default!!

Listen to this dialog between a buyer a the Realtor

Location – Anywhere in the USA

Buyer – Come take a look at this draw!!  From what’s inside I can tell it should be the junk draw but it’s so organized and neat.  I can’t believe it.  Have you ever seen a junk draw so tidy?

Realtor - No, I can’t say I ever have.  That’s amazing!!

Buyer - No kidding, you should see mine.  I hate opening it.  I can never find anything I know is in there.

Realtor –  Ya, they must be meticulous, you know the organized type who’s life is in order.

In the mind of Buyer following the exchange –

Buyer – WOW, I’ll bet the rest of the house is amazing including the roof, the systems and well  just everything.  I really like this house.

Conclusion -

A trigger has happened that can not be revoked.  From that point on the buyer has completely forgotten about the glide, it no longer matters.  She is convinced this is a good home she better jump on.  The showing will go fabulous and this house is under ‘very’ serious consideration.  

This kind of impression can be done for ‘FREE’.  That’s right.  In my ‘Home Staging 101′ DVD I explain how to do stage your home with irreversible impressions.  Most of my home staging tips won’t cost you a cent but will go a long way in creating the trigger you need to sell you home for top dollar fast.

Moral of the Story -

Don’t let them find your junk draw, it says more then you think!


Hope this helps!


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