Which home repairs will cost you a ton of money?

Actually NONE!

When the time comes to sell a home that has already been lived in, chances are you’re going to need some home repairs. Before home staging can begin, you need to make sure the basics are covered.

 Are there any DIY projects you started and never finished over the years? Are there any repairs that you’ve been putting off until “later”? Well, the time has come to get these things taken care of if you want to have the best chance of success with selling your house.

Home Gain published a guide, the Home Sale Maximizer 2008 that gives home sellers information on how to successfully sell their home and steps they need to take to make the most of their sale.

In this guide, they talk about which home repairs will give the greatest return when you sell your home. This helps home sellers and real estate agents know which things are most important when it comes to getting the home ready to sell.

Cleaning and de-cluttering is the number one thing you can do for a big ROI on your home sale.* Usually this can be done with a minimal investment of only a couple hundred dollars or less, if you do much of the work yourself but this can make the greatest difference on buyers who come to look at the home.

Too much clutter minimizes the space and dirt and clutter can detract from the value of the home. Next on the list is to lighten and brighten*. This reports a 355% ROI and can greatly improve the look and feel of the home.

Next in order of greatest ROI we have:

  • Home staging
  • Landscaping
  • Repair electrical or plumbing
  • Replace or shampoo carpeting
  • Paint interior walls a neutral color
  • Repair damaged flooring
  • Update kitchen and bathrooms

When you begin examining your home for needed repairs or even updates before you place it on the market, take a look at each of these and remember that each provided more than 100% ROI according to the survey by Home Gain*

You get your money back and then some when you take the time to invest in each of these areas. The result, a home sold faster and for more money!

HomeGain.com | Your Real Estate Connection

HomeGain.com | Your Real Estate Connection


* Home Sale Maximizer Guide 2008 from Home Gain



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