Your Approach to Selling Your Home Determines Your Result

If you’ve had difficulty selling a home before, it’s important to look at your approach. Many people are quick to blame the home, the Realtor or the market for their lack of buyers when the real problem lies in their selling technique.

If you seriously intend to sell your home, then your approach will be one of the most important factors that go into whether or not you meet with success.

One of the most proven techniques in real estate today is home staging. We even see realty shows and home makeover shows that talk about the importance of “Home Staging” and making your home look better to potential buyers.

The problem is that most home sellers don’t fully understand the importance home staging or how it should be properly executed. Home staging is different from decorating. In fact, it’s more the opposite.

With home staging, you aim to neutralize the décor and remove the client’s identity in the home. This makes the home appeal to buyers of all tastes and preferences so you are not excluding any potential buyers.

For this to be successful, the seller has to detach from their house and let go of their emotions. They must see this home as a commodity or a business transaction. When you try to sell with your emotions, you will not be as successful, if you’re successful at all.

One of the most common reasons to have home selling downfalls is an over confidence in the property. Because the seller often has an emotional attachment to the home, they may see it in a different light than a potential buyer.

This is the number one reason it is essential to remove your emotions from the scenario and evaluate what needs to be staged to present a ‘product’ that any buyer will desire. Home staging needs to be done at the buyer’s point of view and not that of the seller’s.

Once you learn to do this, it will be the most important move you ever make towards selling your home. You will then offer yourself the best opportunity possible to reach your desired goal of your selling price and the time line in which you wish to sell your home.

Your approach to selling your home will have a huge impact on your results. Will you take an emotional or an objective approach?

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